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How research shaped my book, You Can’t Fight A Royal Attraction

I’m on special feature this month on the book r3vi3ws blog. This is my third post on the special feature. You can read the first one Romantic Heroes Rule and the second  A Chat with the Characters from You Can’t Fight A Royal Attraction. There’s a giveaway also, but limited to India only.
Here’s the post.

Writers live twice                            

                         ~ Natalie Goldberg

Authors are privileged people in that. Maybe it should be said that writers live multiple times or as many times as the characters they write. Stepping into the character’s shoes, living out their emotions in that span, does gain you a new perspective. To make the background of a character, to make the character living and breathing and real to the reader, a writer have to find out lots of things the character might know in her life but which don’t appear in the story. To make the history three dimensional you have to explore a lot especially if you envisage characters who are from a different background from yours. Thus researching is both enlightening and educating.Researching You Can’t Fight A Royal Attraction was both hard and a lot of fun! I got to know about a lot of fun facts which didn’t have much use in the book. For instance I found interesting info about the traditional Rajasthani cuisine.
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