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Meet Tanu Jain, Indian author for Harlequin

Hi everyone! Today I have Tanu Jain, the newest Indian author for Harlequin, on my blog. Let’s get to know her through a question and answer session.

  • Hi Tanu! Tell us something about yourself and how you got into writing?

Thank you, Ruchi for featuring me on your blog.  It’s great to meet a fellow writer.

I have been creating stories since childhood though most of them have never seen the light of the day! I am a die-hard romantic and have always been an avid Mills and Boon fan. About five years ago, having checked out the submission guidelines on the internet, I decided I would write a Mills and Boon and got down to work. My first attempt was about a Greek hero and an English heroine and predictably, it was rejected by the editors. By then the characters of my present book, Gauri and Vikram had insidiously crept upon me and they made me write their story. I sent it off hoping against hope because till then Harlequin hadn’t begun publishing the Indian theme romances. I waited for a year and then to my joyous shock got the confirmatory email from the editor.  Seeing my name on that little blue book is a dream come true.


  • Your experience of writing a book – easy as pie or hard as nails?

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
It’s been a long journey and there have been times of despair as well as times of joy but at the end of the day the contentment of reading what one has written, the joy of sharing a part of oneself is what gives meaning to life.

  • What motivates you to write?

I think it’s a matter of one’s passion. Imagining, writing and expressing are as necessary as breathing and that is the sole spur required.

As A. Pope says,

“On life’s vast ocean diversely we sail,

Reason the card, but passion the gale.”

Stories beg to be told, characters clamour to come out and on a lighter note, I would like to emphasise that not paying heed to them can prove detrimental to one’s health.

  • How do you overcome writer’s block?

I sit down with my children and watch whatever they are watching on television — a movie, English series or cartoon film!

  • Does writing get in your way of life?

Writing is in fact what de stresses me,  enlivens and keeps me going.

  • What inspired “His Captive Indian Princess”?

Our country has an extremely rich cultural history and love stories of our kings and queens and royal love legends have always fascinated me. On one of my excursions to an ancient fort the heroine of my book, Gauri careened into my musings and I could almost espy Vikram the hero who was heading towards us in a relentless pursuit. I decided I would give them a happy ending and now that their conflicts have been resolved they can be seen strolling around the same fort, ecstatically, hand in hand. J

  • Please describe your book briefly.

The blurb…

Banished from her dynastic family home by her grandmother, Gauri Rao has lived under the weight of scandal. But now her past has come back to find her in the shape of deliciously handsome and dangerously powerful Vikram Singh. With the Rao family in tatters, Vikram has promised Gauri’s father he will track down his daughter and bring her back – at all costs. Yet somehow, the naïve girl who ran away has blossomed into an independent woman. Vikram is not used to taking no for an answer… has he finally met his match?


  • Tell us about the main characters in your book.

The heroine Gauri  is the illegitimate daughter of the erstwhile ruler of Mogragarh, Maharaj Sambhaji Rao. She has faced many trials and tribulations in her life. The hero Vikramaditya Singh also belongs to royalty and he is the heroine’s brother’s best friend. He too had an unhappy and tragic childhood. The protagonists thus, know each other since childhood and practically grow up together.  But they are barely able to tolerate each other and end up fighting most of the time. But beneath their dislike and irritation a mutual attraction simmers. “His Captive Indian Princess” traces their journey as they become aware of their mutual passion and overcome their prejudices, grow as human beings, gain self knowledge and surmount obstacles to find a happy ending.

  • What’s next in your writing plans?

I’m frantically trying to finish my second book.

Thanks so much for your visit, Tanu and also for regaling us with the nice quotes. Enjoyed getting to know about you and your book. 

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