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Reading and Ranting

Do you rant about book you read? Do you have a book rant chum who will know exactly what you mean when you get into fault-finding mode?

I love to rant about the book I read while I’m reading it.

I know it’s bad.

I know it’s nitpicking – well of course that’s why it’s a rant.

I even realize – in a detached way – it’s mean. But to be fair I do notice the nice things too in any book and give the author due credit. Though they’re not that much fun to rant about. Except in that exceptionally exceptional book that you can’t analyse. Then you can just rave about it. And then it isn’t a rant, is it?

But sometimes, you come across some prime humour examples in books, certain descriptions or metaphors which tickle your funny bone. Which probably the author hadn’t intended but which raise a chuckle and sometimes a hoot of laughter. To give an example, in one book the author had compared the heroine’s nail paint to ‘caramel streaks of sunset’. Now that sort of thing really sets me off! Especially if the book is too serious. Which is why I think humour should always have some place in writing. If it has light moments, you won’t find the incongruity of descriptions so bad.

Can you tell I take the books I read very seriously? and analytically?

Mostly this rant mode happens when I haven’t yet got into the story. In the first few chapters, I’ll read and even be hypercritical this way. Till I’m into the story. Once there the nitpicking stops, if it’s a good book. If it’s not to my taste, I’ll still plod along and torture anyone within listening range with my outrage. I find it really hard to leave a book unfinished.

So do you have a rant chum? Do you nitpick while reading? Do you finish every book you read? How much humor do you like in your reading? Do share your reading quirks, I’d love to know!

Let’s talk about reading and ranting! 🙂

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