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Platinum day of love

This is my post for the contest Platinum Day of Love

They say love grows – which seems to mean it increases as it becomes older. It doesn’t. How can it – if you already love a person to the fullest? But it matures. It blooms. It can give you happiness like the flowering vine peeking out from between the hard hewn rocks of the daily work-burdened life. Of course sometimes it’s difficult for the delicate vine of love to find its way among the rocks, just as love is difficult to nurture when you are just too busy meeting the demands of day-to-day life including making a living.

After long years of marriage, the initial golden glow wears off. A routine sets in. And you know routines are boring. Life becomes humdrum after the endless repeating of the same pattern. Work, then home, then kids, then again work at home. It goes on in the same re-run. Dealing with the inevitable challenges at the job and bringing up kids who are at times difficult; or any other obstacle to the routine, can really sap your strength.

This year I was facing such a day. It was Valentine’s day. We do believe in Valentine’s day but in the morning, my husband and I hardly had time to wish each other. My husband, a doctor, was working out of the city at that time at a hospital, dealing with over seventy patients per day. I too had my usual busy day. I was used to his coming home late and then he would still be busy, taking care of some admissions plus phone calls from various places etc. It was hectic. I wasn’t expecting anything special. But after dinner, he insisted on taking me out though it was quite late, the roads were almost deserted. But he found a florist who was still open. Painstakingly choosing the freshest blooms, he got for me a most colourful bouquet. Red, peach, pink and yellow, the roses combined to form a heartwarming display and lend their fragrance into my life. The simple gesture meant a lot to me – yes, I’m a sentimental fool – I guess most women are. The thought behind his gesture and the effort, spoke more to me than any valuables money could buy. While returning he went to an open aampapar shop and got aampapar, the dried mango mash, sweet and sour varieties and tamarind rounds. I thought as I savoured the taste that the sour has to complement the sweet. After all we just can’t enjoy only one flavour. And when the sweetness comes after the sourness, it’s all the more treasured.

This is my submission for platinum day of love contest. Yes, love can find you – in the most unexpected ways. The same unexpected way did hubby steal my heart again that day.

Why platinum? Because it’s as timeless, shimmering and as resistant to corrosion of daily wear and tear as true love. 


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