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The Year I Got Published – and learning curves

I will remember 2013 as that landmark year – the year I got published. I got, not one but two books out this year. Woohoo!! I would’ve made it in another anthology slated to be released in December but oh such are the things in the publishing world that it has got delayed. Oh well! Still I’m very much pleased with what did come through to happening. Harlequin was my dream publisher so getting in through that door is even more special.

Not only writing wise but in my other profession too, this year bestowed me an achievement. I became Professor and that was a big hike up 🙂 Of course more onus on me to have things running well but that’s just a part of it.

Achievements or when we garner the rewards of our efforts are milestones which help us push forward. Receiving congratulatory wishes, celebrating it all, gives you an impetus to do more.
But the truth is that the disappointments also have a part to play in our success. As we get encouraged by achievement so too, not making it or in case of writers, rejection of a work helps us be better. In every success, we have contribution of the rejected writings. And I’ve learnt that getting published doesn’t provide vaccination against getting the ‘R’. My own editor while brainstorming for the next manuscript said no to 2-3 ideas and what’s that but rejection at an early stage. But every such event teaches you what works and what doesn’t. In fact if you look a little more deeply, it opens a whole new vista for a spate of newer and better stories. I’ve always felt this way. Each fallout of your plans has a purpose. It’s a bend in the road and beyond it one can always envisage greater things. So let’s not feel disheartened by failures. Let’s convert them into important learning curves and get better.
What was this year like for you? Did it bring lessons or congratulations or both? What was the best thing that happened this year?
I wish you the success you crave in the new year. And if you already have your dream may you weave many more to have them happen! 😀
Have a great 2014!


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