About me

An author who’s found a second career in writing, the first is being a medico. I write romantic and emotional stories. My debut book, out in August ’13, is Bollywood Fiance For A Day, published with Harlequin Mills and Boon.

I discovered or rather rediscovered my writing zen rather late, after a gap of about twenty years from when I first thought of being a writer. However, once it caught hold, the spirit to get published didn’t let go of me. Despite many upsets in daily routine, it’s been a fun journey and I look forward to sharing similar experiences with other writers and readers. This blog is a landing space for the flight of my writing side and its endeavours.

Something about what to expect here:

Book Enthuse : where I tell you about my books and the writing of them and share excerpts.

Author interviews : So you can get to know about other authors and their ventures.

My take on it : where I shall share what I’ve been reading and how it affected me.

Just Bloggin’ : Random sharing of happenings in life.

Writing help : where I shall post anything I’ve learnt during writing and share your tips as well.

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