Sharing an excerpt from new release Bollywood Fiance for a Day. In this, Zaheer puts an idea into Dr. Vishakha’s head.



‘Don’t just keep on feeling angry about it. Do something.’ The command startled her.
‘Like what?’
‘Something to show her.’ The comment caught her attention. ‘The best revenge of all is to live well,’ he quoted softly.
His eyes held a sudden gleam. ‘Meaning that instead of sitting moping around like the ditched ex-fiancée, you could show off the new man in your life and let them know you’re more than all right.’
She laughed. ‘What man would I show them?’
He said, ‘Well, for instance, there’s me.’
What can possibly save you from cutting a sorry figure after being jilted by your very suitable fiancé?Well, if you could secure a movie star as a replacement, it would be bound to still all the wagging tongues!
Studious Dr. Vishakha never dreamed that winning a date with Bollywood heartthrob Zaheer Saxena would land her in an unusual deal to benefit both of them. Zaheer wants to ward off unwanted attention from his leading lady and agrees to help her save her face. It’s just a business-like arrangement for Vishakha – except that she hadn’t factored in the unwanted, yet extremely potent attraction the hotshot star would hold for her. But she has to keep in mind that make believe is his talent before she starts weaving romantic dreams about him.
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