I think no matter how many Sheldon books I read the main line of the review would be the same, at least for all I had read till now, and that is: you can’t put it down. If you have the time in your daily routine and even if you don’t, it holds true. He’ll build on your curiosity and when it’s at the peak he’ll veer off to what looks a totally new direction, a haphazard tangent which is usually terribly frustrating to the reader. So much that you have to keep yourself glued to the book.

In this book a new rarely read and interesting subject has been taken. Mental illness, murder, anger all is intertwined tightly in a rope you will find hard to unravel till Sheldon decides to hand the thread. While I was reading and right when I finished it, all I could think of was one word. Brilliant. But now I have had a chance to look at it dispassionately and yes, I’m doing the author a disservice assessing the book after emerging from the cloud of absolute spellbinding fascination he’d woven with his tale. Anyway, on reflection, to me many things were too pat. Some characters were too easily fooled. Some questions left unanswered. That’s about the argument I can present without citing a spoiler.

I give it five stars for hooking the reader (readability), five stars on concept, four star for my takeaway impression.
If you want a book to take you away from your present and have you grappling with its incredibility, go for this.

If you’ve read it, what was your impression? Are you a Sheldon fan? Are you irritated by an overdose of suspense in his books? Share your views. I’d love to hear them!


Comments on: "Book review – Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon" (8)

  1. I read Sidney Sheldon in the ’80s (dating myself here) but got away from his books and on to other authors. There’s always so much competition for my reading hours but I must go and buy this book and read it – probably already have but it was so long ago it should be OK. Cheers.

    • Hi Ann, great to meet a fellow Sheldon fan. I also used to read his books mostly at college and picked this one after a long time. Do share your view if you read it. Best wishes!

  2. Anita Menon. said:

    Hi Ruchi , am glad to note your enthusiasm for Sheldon. I just love the way he presents the woman as the hero in all his books. My personal favourite sheldon book is If tommorrow comes.His simple language and narration makes you actually relateto the character’s feelings.

  3. I love Sidney Sheldon. There is not one book I have missed of him. They have every ingredient of story telling… thrills, chills and passion. Love this review Ruchi…:)

  4. If tomorrow comes and Naked Face are my favourites. The two part novels Other side of the midnight and it sequel are some of his best works. Stars shine down had one of the most remarkable woman protagonist ever created. Having said that, I have often felt that plots and characters are often stereotyped in his novels. But he was a remarkable storyteller.

    • Hi Sumeetha,
      Yes, Sidney Sheldon’s storytelling is absolutely throat gripping no doubt. If tomorrow comes is my favourite too, being one of his ‘sunnier’ books šŸ™‚

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