Safe And Sorry

If you play within the rules and always act sensible, will you keep yourself problem-free? Theoretically, you should. That’s how life works, doesn’t it? Obedient children don’t get to stand in the corner. Someone who hits the brakes meters away from the red light is unlikely to get into trouble with the traffic police. So the wise ones of us, the well-disciplined ones must always lead a smooth, easy life. shouldn’t they? If you’re careful never to lose your heart, you can’t get hurt.

Or can you?

Have you ever got stuck into trouble in spite of being wise?

That’s my heroine Vishakha’s quandary in my book Bollywood Fiancé For A Day. Her trouble is that she has kept on the safe side of life. She even agrees to an arranged marriage as per the Indian tradition. But fate doesn’t spare her from deception and hurt. That too, from her trusted ones. Her sister and fiance profess they have fallen in love with each other and all she can do is stand aside out of their way. At the same time earning pitying looks of her extended family.

If your pride was trampled and an attractive Bollywood idol offered you a way to rebuild it? Wouldn’t that be hard to refuse?

But can Vishakha trust him?

Should she? A glam Bollywood star so distant to her own universe.

What do you think?

What about you? Have you ever played safe and ended up still sorry? Share it here. I’d love to hear 🙂


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